Swiss Association for help and protection for vulnerable and social distress children

The association

Our primary mission is to help vulnerable children and adolescents in social distress around the world. We provide these children whose personal development is highly compromised (abandonment, physical and / or moral danger, abused and marginalized children…), protection and psychological support, respect for their fundamental rights, learning about personal development and adapted school program.

Goals and missions

The first mission of the Association SOLECITOS is to help in the world, children and vulnerable adolescents, who are in a situation of social distress, and with a personal development highly compromise, such as abandoned children, in physical danger and/or moral, to children victims of exploitation and/or sexual abuse, or even adolescents from difficult neighborhoods and marginalized where delinquency is omnipresent.

Guarantee to these children and adolescents, a protection, a psychological support, the respect of their fundamental rights, a learning of personal development and a school program adapted.

The team

A family association on a human scale…

… carrying out missions one after the other, with the sole aim of helping children who are victims of sexual abuse, mistreatment and social distress.


The abuse

The abuse or mistreatment of a child consists of all forms of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, or forms of exploitation, including commercial, resulting in actual or potential harm to child’s health, survival, development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power. It can intervene both in the child’s family universe and in his wider social circle.


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