Objectives and missions

The first mission of the Association SOLECITOS is to help in the world, children and vulnerable adolescents, who are in a situation of social distress, and with a personal development highly compromise, such as abandoned children, in physical danger and/or moral, to children victims of exploitation and/or sexual abuse, or even adolescents from difficult neighborhoods and marginalized where delinquency is omnipresent.

Guarantee to these children and adolescents, a protection, a psychological support, the respect of their fundamental rights, a learning of personal development and a school program adapted.

Bring a personalized support and adapted on the ground, to existing structures (refuges of children or other structures with the same vocation) which by lack of means, do not arrive or more to accomplish their missions.

Finance, organize and conduct educational activities, cultural and/or playful which allow the development of children and that existing institutions do not organise due of a lack of economic means.

The selected projects will always be driven from the beginning to the end, either by a member of the Committee, either by a person of confidence.